Death by Pizza

I love pizza. It smells good, tastes good, offers creative options… and it goes so well with movies. I love pizza so much, it may one day cause my cholesterol to soar beyond saving and I will die (and go to pizza heaven, presumably).

In my ongoing search for the most amazing pizza I’ve ever eaten, I have discovered several pretty tremendous ones, which now proves to me that my search for just one, singular favourite may be wholly unreasonable. Like many other pizza-eaters out there, I have pizza moods, where only a specific kind will do at a given moment. It is my pleasure to point out that there are a handful of restaurants in Ottawa (yes, chain and independent alike) whose take on pizza is the stuff of my pizza dreams. I feel obligated to share this important information because who knows whose dining life it could save?

Below are my favourite recommendations for a great slice in the Nation’s Capital, in alphabetical order. Cue salivation.


pizza hutWhat to Order: Thin crust pizza with chopped garlic, chopped tomato, mozzarella, a pesto base, and extra garlic/Parmesan sprinkle on top.

Why? Custom preferences can make all the difference. Pesto is amazing, and an option that I was only recently made aware of; try it.

Pub Italia

pub italiaWhat to Order: 
Thin crust Alla Pasquale, with hummus, artichokes, red pepper, black olives, & feta cheese

Why? Variety is the spice of life, so changing up the base sauce with hummus is not only a tasty decision, but a smart one.

Tennessy Willems

TennessyWhat to Order: Wood oven Wild Board pizza, with local wild boar sausage, caramelized apple, sage oil, and 2 year-old cheddar.

Why? I had no idea that we had local boar at our disposal, or that it was so delicious. But it is. Fact.


willy'sWhat to Order: Tropical Chicken, with pineapple, bacon strips, and grilled chicken.

Why? Like Hawaiian, but that much better.



What to Order:  Fresh House-made Shrimp and Capicolla Ham Pizza with sundried cranberries and banana peppers

Why? Seafood is awesome. And the extras on this create an excellent sweet and spicy combination.

Honourable Mention – Homemade Pizza

rosemary and potato pizzaOkay, this particular one isn’t actually available in a restaurant. That’s because sometimes only home-made pizza will sate a craving in a way that no others can – especially when you have a dear Italian friend with an amazing secret recipe for traditional rosemary and potato pizza… drool-worthy, to say the least.

 * * *

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*Watch for updates – I’m on the pizza prowl and always looking for another favourite to add to my list!